Journey of International Adoption (Adoptive Parents' Perspective) - the Road to this Point


Wow - thank you for being interested enough to check out this blog. We feel so blessed and surrounded by so many incredible people who love us and walk alongside us. We praise God for each of you!

Even before we were married (11+ years ago), Josh and I talked about adoption as a powerful movement and ministry of God that we would be honored to participate in as a family. Of course, at this point, it was more in the idea, theory, openness, here-and-there prayer stage.

As we felt God readying us to start a family, we welcomed Josiah in 2011 and Lukas quickly after in 2012. All along, we continued to discuss adoption and pray about it on-and-off.

We were truly surprised by a third pregnancy in 2013 and deeply saddened by the loss of this child through miscarriage 11 weeks into the pregnancy (December 2013). While the loss of our baby was so painful, the miscarriage was also a traumatic experience for me personally as I hemorrhaged at home and was taken by ambulance to the hospit…